5 Red Flags When Buying a Home | A Guide by Best Real Estate Agent in East Bay California

Buying a house is an investment and you need to read this guide by the best real estate agent in East Bay California who is none other than Izabella Lipetski. Care should be taken when you are buying a house whether it’s your first time or not. As much as possible, we would like to make sure that the property we are buying is free from any major repair and “headache”. Doing the home inspection together with your best real estate agent in East Bay California is crucial in making sure that you don’t live to regret purchasing your new home.

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Here are five red flags to spot:

  1. Neighborhood – The first thing one should consider when buying a home is the neighborhood. A house in a neighborhood that has a reputation for being “rowdy” should be a major red flag. Remember that no matter how beautiful a house is, it is also equally important that you are able to live in peace. Also, take note if there are a lot of vacant houses or abandoned places. This suggests that the neighborhood has seen better days and that the investment you are making in your home would not appreciate. What you want is for the property’s value to appreciate over time. This is where a skilled agent comes in. Someone who knows a lot about the area including the market value.
  2. Termite/Pest Problems – Just the mention of termite gives one shivers. No one wants a house that is infested with termites. This is not only a structural problem but a health hazard as well. Look for tell-tale signs of termite infestation like termite lines and termite nests outside the house. Also, gently tap on exposed wooden posts and beams and hear if it sounds “hollow”.
  3. Hastily Done Repairs – When you go and inspect a house, it is important to ask beforehand if there are any major repairs that have been done to the house. The older the house, the higher the chance of it having gone through a major repair because all things degrade over time. Check the bathrooms and under the sink to see if there are any leaking pipes. Another good place to see is the electrical conduits. Any repair that was done poorly would most often show itself in plumbing and electrical areas.
  4. Misaligned Doors and Cracks – The moment you get inside a house, check if the door is aligned. If you have a hard time opening or closing a door anywhere in the house, this can be an indication of a structural problem. Cracks on the wall, no matter how small can also be an indication of a problem in the houses structural integrity. Be very observant with these signs.
  5. Water Stains/Sagging Ceilings/Moldy Smells – These may be three different types of problems but they are all indicative of one major concern: plumbing problem. No matter how beautiful a house is on the outside, always be level-headed and make use of your five senses when doing your inspection. Upon entering a house, if you notice a moldy smell, oftentimes this is an indication of leaking pipes. Check under sinks crawl spaces, basements (if there is one), and windows. A mold problem could mean you have to change the drywall, and carpets, etc. The same goes if you see a sagging ceiling and water stains. Even if the sag is only slight or the water stain is only small, it is still a red flag as it may indicate a leaky roof or/and a leaky pipe. Either way, the repair could be costly.


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