Top Realtor Habits! A Guide by The Best Realtor in California!

Izabella Lipetski is the Best Realtor in California! She has been recognized by Homesnap for the most prominent realtor award for the year 2021. Homesnap is the Top-Rated real estate App in the App store. The recipe for success in the real estate industry is very simple. It is not rocket science or a very rigorous process rather, it is disguised in your daily routine.

Every day we get up in the morning and have our routines to act. Some of us want to have a coffee and on the other side, some people are health conscious and prefer to do exercise, yoga, running, meditation, and other gratitude activities. More than 95% of behavior is based on your routine of the day.

What are you today and what you are going to accomplish is based on the habits that you form. “You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine” (John C. Maxwell). To be the Best realtor in California, you only have to form a pool of good habits and adopt a positive attitude.

To guide the newcomers in the real estate business, here are the details of the daily routine of the Best Realtor of California.

Count My Blessings:

I start my day at 4.30 AM to go for a quick run. Once I am back I start writing a list of seven things that, I am grateful for. I try to be positive and count my blessings on a daily basis. This way I stay humble and also optimistic. This activity provides me the constructive attitude to be the Best Realtor in California.


The habit of engaging and creating a supportive & collaborative team with colleagues has guaranteed my personal and professional growth in this industry and right now, I am known for being the Best realtor in California. I always showed up on time and participated in speaking, learning, and sharing new things on daily basis.

Keep an Upward Focus:

Do not short sight the opportunity by paying for leads at the start of your journey. This is such an area from where you can acquire benefits in the long run as compared to the short run. So, focus on the development of real relationships with clients & colleagues.

Virtual Reality Is a New Reality:

The bitter lockdown period of this pandemic has taught us how to find new ways of contacting other human beings via social media platforms. It is the age of virtual networks, so this is your reality and you have to maintain proactive and competitive social media accounts to interact with your clients and for your effective promotions.

No System = Lost Money:

Organize your work with the help of technologically-driven systems. I usually have an email tag for every client and a google file folder where I note all the details of the requirements and personal details of our clients and our legal agreements. In such a way I can organize all of my clients and they are right at my fingertips. I advise you to develop such a system as the Best Realtor of California, I believe that “if you lose track of your clients due to no system: you will ultimately loss money”.


To be the Best Realtor in California, you have to focus on your daily routine and follow these simple steps to set the platform for your success. If you are new in the industry this is the chance for you to turn your life around and be the best version of yourself by following a simple healthy routine. Best of Luck!