Selling or buying a house is no small feat, and it’s one of the most important financial decisions of your life. That’s why finding a true realtor with experience to guide you about the method is Important.

There is no lack of real estate agents struggling for the work via online ads, postcards, and yard signs, but with many professionals, finding the proper one can feel overwhelming. Izabella Lipetski real estate agent is the best realtor in Pleasanton.  Follow the following instruction on the way to find a true realtor to make sure you hire the right one:

Talk to A Lender Before You Hire A True Realtor

Sometimes home shoppers hire a true realtor and dive into their home explorer before they ever ask a lender. Most experts recommend that you ask a lender first to find out how much you can afford it.

Getting preapproved for a mortgage will provide you with the utmost amount you’ll borrow and identify issues that require to be worked on early in the process. This helps you stick with homes within the accurate price range. In competitive markets, you’ll need a preapproval letter for buyers to think about your offer.

Confirm They Know Your Local Real Estate Market

General real estate experience is a big factor, but it is equally important that your agent has helped people buy and sell many homes in your area. For example, if you reside in Birmingham, Alabama, you need an agent who knows the important estate market in Birmingham. It is not good if they know all about real estate during a suburb or a town an hour away.

Research Potential Candidates

Start by examining their online presence. Check their active social media accounts and websites they use to market their listings. Take a look at their online reviews also. Don’t worry about one or two negative reviews, but more than that would be a positive.

Check with your state’s real estate supervisor to find out whether an agent you’re considering is licensed or has any disciplinary actions.

Go with Your Vibes

Just as important as the experience and knowledge an agent brings is their ability to guide you efficiently through the method. Choose an agent you will feel comfortable and trust if the road to closing gets a little bumpy.

If everything checks out, but you don’t vibe with the person, don’t choose them. There are many other real estate agents out there who will be happy to assist you which is a far better personality fit.

Take an In-Depth Look on Your Contract

Your contract should have all the terms to which you have already agreed, including the important real estate commission. Traditionally, the vendor pays 6 percent of the sales price of the house for real estate commissions, with half getting to their real estate agent and a half getting to the buyer’s agent. The commission rate is negotiable, however, with the average commission landing closer to five percent in recent years.

Explore Neighborhoods of Interest

You can easily spot for-sale signs in your neighborhood (or any area that you’re interested in) to find out a true realtor. Look out to the real estate offices that would be happy to pair you up with an agent on the spot to help together with your house hunting journey.

Once you have a real estate agent or realtor in mind, you will interview them and hire the best real estate agent. During that point, it is important to tell about what you are looking for in a home, your budget, their commission rate, and the other expenses you need to organize.

Hire Someone You Like

Knowledge and experience matter, but chemistry also matters with house sales. This is an individual you’re getting to spend an excellent deal of your time with over a couple of months. Even if the real estate agent, you’re considering has all the qualities you are looking for, you should ask yourself: Is that someone I prefer and trust? You don’t need to be best friends together with your agent. It’s probably better if you’re not.


These are some qualities that the real estate agent in Pleasanton should have. You are going to be happy to hear that Izabella Lipetski is the best real estate agent in Pleasanton and she have all the qualities that you are looking for in a real estate agent. You can rely on her work ethics as well as her professional expertise in the real estate market of Pleasanton. You can contact her right away!