A famous saying in real estate is, “when you list, you last!” liable on the listing and market is to sell.

The only problem: Getting the listings.

So, how does one become an effective and successful listing agent? What aspects help a listing agent’s endurance in the real estate industry?

Izabella Lipetski also known as Listing Guru, shares the method that has helped her become a successful listing agent.


Prospects fall towards something that feels personal.

A more personal approach lets them know that you’re a person with both a personality and a heartbeat.

They are deciding that they can trust you or not. Selling a house is a highly personal decision, transaction, and process.

A house is someone’s safe space and a huge investment. Buying a house is an enormous commitment then is selling one.

That’s why, whenever you generate new leads, you want to show that you’re not only a likable person but someone they will believe to handle their biggest investment.


What are the nice, cozy, and friendly lead-generating ideas that add a private touch?

From mailers to flyers or maybe handwritten letters. Compared to a generic email, a handwritten letter makes the whole process more personal. This creates a far better opportunity for you to create a robust relationship with the seller.

Another strategy for lead generation is that the ever-famous door knocking. Although this method will need a lot of effort and time, it’s still a robust strategy that works.

Here’s why:

This strategy shows the seller that you’re willing to travel the additional mile to serve them as your clients. On top of that, door knocking gives you the chance to possess conversations together with your prospects. You can answer their questions or provide them with a home value report of their property.

Use this magnetic plan to strike up a conversation: Create home price reports and send them to prospects who have defaulted on their home loans. Sending a home value report back to prospects will help them see that they need an accessible option that will stop them from accruing debt.


Knowing the way to price a property is paramount to your success as a listing agent.

Pricing a property gives your prospect a ballpark range of the cash they can get once they work with you. You’re giving them the worth of what proportion you think that their house is worth.

Whether they are looking to rent, downgrade, or upgrade, showing them how they will earn money helps them achieve their dream. That’s what makes this a strong due to sparking a conversation. You open a dialogue with the homeowner to know their vision in the future.

When you mention pricing, this provides them a tangible number to figure with. It shows the homeowner a payment of cash that they can use to invest however they want. This realization is exciting for everybody because it’s a spark of a new chapter for both parties.

If you think you’re not great at pricing properties yet, no problem.

Here is a fast way to get better pricing: Test yourself. Check out the small details of the house, guess a price, and check the particular value of the house. Another way is that get another agent to estimate your home’s value. If your answers match, you’re improving.


Another critical skill of a successful listing agent is breaking bad news to your clients. The important estate industry is harsh and you can’t avoid tough conversations.

Along the way, you can find a serious issue with a property that will ruin a deal. As a listing agent, it’s your job to possess honest and clear conversations with your client.

Nobody wants to listen to bad news but it’s harder to be the bearer of bad news. Having to inform a client that their selling price is just too high and unrealistic is difficult.

When and why you deliver bad news is crucial.

Also, time may be a valuable resource. Breaking bad news as early as possible is important. You wouldn’t want to be wasting some time if you recognize a deal isn’t going to work out.

The same goes for your client, they have to remember those things as soon as possible. The earlier you break the bad news to your clients, the earlier they’re going to be ready to rethink their strategy.


Developing great marketing skills is important to one’s longevity in this industry. As a listing agent, you’re first in the business of generating and nurturing leads.

The fact is, you can be the best real estate agent but without great marketing skills, meaning nothing.

If people can’t find you, then it doesn’t matter if you’re the best at what you are doing.

Regardless of how often or constantly you market yourself, your messaging has to be right. Know who you’re selling to, identify their difficulties and problems, and let them know you can solve their problems for them.

The quicker your prospects realize that you’re the answer and solution to their problems, the better or easier it for them to get on board.


As a true realtor, you’re handling and dealing with a mess of moving pieces. You have many purchasers who are at different stages in different transactions. Also, you’re trying to find new leads while handling your daily tasks.

This is a recipe for grouped disorganization.

It is easy to get messy, disorganized, and lose track of your client’s progression. As a listing agent, you’re the negotiator, transaction coordinator, the director. You’ve to remain on top of the transaction.

One of the most important features of staying organized is great communication. Again, you’ve to be direct and clear in what you say.

Make sure your clients are up-to-date with the status of their deal.

Take advantage of reminders, calendars, schedules, and spreadsheets, whatever your poison might be. This is what determines whether clients walk away dissatisfied or happy.


Tech adaptations in the industry make things easier for everybody. In some cases, agents will overwhelm themselves with tech innovation and industry hacks because they need to get ahead.

What those agents lose sight of is one simple thing: The basic

Real estate has been around for an extended time. There’s a stack of methodologies that have stood the test of your time and have transformed thousands of individuals into successful listing agents.

As you press forward into your land career, remember adapting to the time is vital. But, it’s even more important to stay with tried and true methods that produce repeated positive results.

Remember: Lead generating comes right down to finding an accessible way to talking with your audience and scaling that over a good area. Real estate is a game of numbers. Lead generate, find clients, help people, and repeat.

You don’t get to complicate it. As a true realtor, you have the information and tools for closing a transaction. Rock bottom line is, you don’t always need to reinvent the wheel. Evolving with the days is natural and great. But sticking to what you recognize is what is going to work.


Don’t forget the human a part of the work. Once you close a deal and obtain your paycheck, remember to remain in touch with your client.

After all, you helped them sell one of the most important assets they will own. You can send your former prospects a postcard over the vacations. Something as simple as a checkup also works.

What’s important is that you simply maintain a relationship with a client even after the deal is over.

Referrals fuel your business. As long as you stay in touch with your clients, there’s an enormous chance that they’re going to refer you to people they know.


Although there are a lot of things that will dictate the success of an agent’s career, these few tips are an excellent framework. You have to remember that this is a long game and it’s all about consistency.

Izabella Lipetski the best real estate agent in California and also known as the listing guru. By following these tips given by Izabella Lipetski you can become a successful listing agent.