California is known as a celebrity hotspot. This state is home to many biggest names in Hollywood, like George Clooney, Johnny Depp, and Halle Berry. A lot of people come to California every year to catch a glimpse of these celebrities. You can even walk down the famous «Walk of Fame» and live out your movie star dreams.

Everyone needs to visit California at least once. From the stunning natural scenery and a great history to the top shopping spots, excellent art scene, and everything in between, California is a fabulous destination for couples, families, and solo travelers.

So, the best realtor like Izabella Lipetski has 10 exciting things you can do to enjoy yourself in California:

1. Hollywood Sign

Standing proudly above the cliffs of the Hollywood Hills, it is the single most iconic landmark in cinematic history, and visitors from all over the world take selfies with the famous white letters «HOLLYWOOD.»

If you’re out and about, you can take a trail through the woods that will take you to a good viewpoint. If you want to make your fun a little more refreshing, you can hop on the lift in the tower near the cliffs. There are strict rules for visiting the «HOLLYWOOD» sign that you need to observe.

2. Old Sacramento

A trip to Old Sacramento takes you back in time. It has been carefully preserved with buildings, railroads, museums, and monuments celebrating and commemorating its role in US history. Horse-drawn carriages rumble through streets lined with old-fashioned courthouses and school buildings. The train offers regular trips through the city. Visitors can see everything from the century-old Mansion to a terminal for the famous «Pony Express» mail service. There is something special about this famous district.

3. Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park has some breathtaking landscapes in the whole country. The weather here is dry and hot. That is exactly how it got the name. The landscape has a kind of rugged beauty, especially when you visit places like the cracked salt flats of Badwater Basin. At 250+ feet below sea level, it is the lowest point on the entire continent and is both desolate and dazzling.

You might also like «Furnace Creek»: The hottest air temperatures on the planet are recorded here. In Death Valley National Park, you can enjoy a variety of hiking, biking, rock climbing, camping, and stargazing. You will be miles away from air pollution and city lights in the middle of the desert to enjoy the sky view.

4. Disneyland

It will be regretful if you are taking your kids and not visiting Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Not only does it offer all the games, attractions, activities, and events you could want from a theme park, but it also keeps you comfortable with luxury accommodations and cuisine. There are so many things to see at Disneyland that it could make its own list. From jungle cruises to haunted houses, it’s absolutely packed with fun.

5. Winchester Mystery House

Built by an eccentric woman, the Winchester Mystery House is an architectural exception that defies explanation. It is a gigantic Victorian-style mansion with literally hundreds of rooms, windows, staircases, corridors, and closets, but without any design. The stairs lead nowhere. The doors have a special shape and placement.

Many corridors resemble labyrinths rather than corridors in a house. There are rumors that its builder, a widow, came here to live after the death of her husband. Others say she was trying to confuse the spirits of people killed by Winchester rifles; her husband was their inventor, so she inherited so much money.

6. San Diego Zoo

Thousands of animals are kept in the habitat of the San Diego Zoo, the largest zoo in California. All the animals are here, including lions, gorillas, and elephants, but it’s also home to unique species, such as the pancake tortoise and the clouded leopard. Some of these creatures can only be seen at the San Diego Zoo, so this is a rare opportunity to see them. You can take a ride on a train in the zoo to access different areas.

7. Alcatraz Island

These are some of the best things to see in California and will provide an incredible experience for people traveling to the beautiful state. Hop on the ferry in San Francisco and go to Alcatraz Island. Once ashore, you are free to roam the land and see all the tourist attractions as you see fit.

Of course, the biggest attraction has some communication lacks. However, there are audio tours available for visitors’ facility. For nature lovers, there are even collections of rock pools and rare migratory birds.

8. RMS Queen Mary

The RMS Queen Mary is an ocean ship that once sailed in the waters between America and Great Britain. It was retired in the 1960s, but instead of scrapping it for parts, the California government decided to turn it into one of its most unique attractions.

Today, the RMS Queen Mary operates as a hotel, museum, restaurant, and shopping plaza that towers over Long Beach Harbor. There are many things to see on the ship. From ballrooms to exercise rooms, there’s something for everyone. You could eat, shop, and walk around this massive 1,000-foot vessel all weekend without seeing all it has to offer.

9. San Francisco Cable Car Museum

You’ve probably seen San Francisco’s iconic cable cars in movies and TV shows. However, only a few people know that it is the last manual rope system in the entire world and that it is actually considered a «working museum» in itself. If you’re into cars, you’ll definitely want to hop on board during your trip to California.

10. Universal Studios Hollywood

There are several different Universal studios around the world, but the one in Hollywood is the most famous. After all, Hollywood is where movies are made, and many theme park attractions are dedicated to famous movies like Harry Potter and King Kong. However, the fun doesn’t end with fictional characters.

Visitors to Universal Studios Hollywood can enjoy studio tours, stunt shows, games, motion simulators, slides, rides, and mazes. With roller coasters and aerial merry-go-rounds, you can shop till you drop or soar into the sky. You can even book a hotel room or have a four-course dinner right in the park.

Bottom Line

California is a beautiful state in America with lots of exciting things to do. There are a lot of places to visit in California and it would take you weeks to fully explore California. The famous “HOLLYWOOD” sign is placed on top of the hills that has recognition of its own. Plus, all the natural landscapes and parks are providing breathtaking scenarios that are worth viewing. Just imagine living in a golden state like this. Just contact me to achieve your dream of living in California.

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