Nobody wants to buy a house with faults and defects; if your client is buying, then they do not stay silent with any structural problem in the house. Buying a house is a one-time decision, and you need an experienced person who can guide you throughout the process and fix the house’s faults before you shift into it. Izabella Lipetski is the best real estate agent in your town who can make it happen. If you choose Izabella Lipetski as your real estate agent, you do not have to worry about it. You landed at the right place as you get a whole package when you hire her. You will find her agile when it comes to provide you a complete package as a real estate agent and find you a dream house without any structural problems and defects. She will deal with the home seller and request house repairs before you buy it. She is providing the best real estate services in California.

Problems You Will Face While Requesting For Repairing Work

Your agent Izabella Lipetski can issue the request for repairs during the transaction. When the deal closes, the buyer has a house they love, without the added need for repairs. Before that, your agent will make a list of defects or conditions identified in-home and pest inspection reports or a report generated by a contractor or engineer. A seller may respond by agreeing to do some or all of these repairs based on their obtained reports. The buyer expects these repairs to be performed by the close of escrow, by qualified professionals, and with all governmental approvals. The Seller, hopefully, will have the exact expectations, although there is probably a stronger motivation on the Seller’s part to get the work done so escrow can close and complete the deal.

Problems arise when both parties do not meet these expectations. For instance, in a typical scenario, the Seller starts repairs but does not have all of them completed by close of escrow, or the quality or scope of the work does not meet the buyer’s expectations. The seller then claims that their inability to complete all of the repairs is due to issues with workers or requirements beyond seller’s control or claims that the repairs that have been completed are consistent with the scope and quality agreed upon by both parties. Izabella Lipetski will provide you the complete house according to your expectation.

Request for Repair Timeline:

  • Buyer and Seller agree on an offer price and terms.
  • Buyer performs inspections and reviews disclosures as part of buyer’s inspection contingency.
  • Buyer learns that items in the home that are not up to current code are deferred maintenance.
  • Buyer submits to Seller a list of repair items via a request for repair before purchase contract.
  • The Seller agrees to the fix-it list, counters it, or rejects it. If the buyer doesn’t like the answer from the Seller, they can cancel the contract and receive an earnest money refund.

Is Agreeing to Repairs the Right Move?

More often than not, sellers agree to some repairs. This decision is typically wise because it can be costly for sellers to begin marketing again and find a new buyer. With that, the Seller is aware of issues. They may have to disclose them to the next buyer per applicable disclosure laws. In addition, the repair amount is usually relatively small in the scheme of the total transaction.

Cash Alternative to Repairs

Sometimes the buyer submits a list of things to be repaired, and other times, buyers ask for a cash credit for repairs. From a seller’s perspective, a request for cash credit is usually preferred to making the repairs as long as the amount requested is reasonable.

When you offer cash that means you do not have to deal with the hassle and stress of dealing with the repair process before closing. Even if the buyer has requested repairs be done, it can be wise to counter the repair list and offer the buyer a cash credit. A cash credit instead of repair can also eliminate any concerns or disputes regarding the quality and craftsmanship of the repair. As a seller, it is your choice, do what you felt better for you.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a perfect real estate agent in California, you need to contact Izabella Lipetski. Her excellent record of accomplishment of years and countless happy clients is the proof of her being the best in market. Contact her right away and get a free home evaluation.