My favorite part of being a real estate agent is seeing the excitement and joy when a client finds their perfect home. Helping clients achieve their dreams and working to successfully overcome challenges is what keeps me doing this role. 


Like many here in the Bay Area, this is not where I started out. I moved to the US from the Ukraine over 35 years ago, spending 15 years in Los Angeles before moving to Alameda. In the last 20 years I have helped over 200 clients buy or sell their homes. I specialize in single family homes across the Bay Area in particular Alameda and Pleasanton and have made my own home on Bay Farm Island. Many people helped and supported me when I first came to the US and this is one way I feel I can give back some of that support. 


I graduated with a Master’s degree in economics and trade from Kiev University and this financial expertise has been invaluable when helping plan house purchases. I was previously Assistant Manager for Bay Area Town Homes which has given me a good knowledge of local housing and how to manage repairs and updates. I am fluent in English, Russian and Ukrainian and enjoy meeting a variety of interesting people from different locations, like myself, who are looking to make the Bay Area their home. If you are ready to find a new home then I am ready to hold your hand through the process and join you on this exciting adventure! 


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