Importance of The Final Walk Through

Today, I’m going to tell you what is included in the final walk-through and the benefits. Like other real estate home buying or home selling processes, the final walk-through is a part of both of these procedures. Not only that, understanding and performing the final walk-through is beneficial for both home buyers and home sellers.

The final walk-through is the final opportunity to check the condition of the home and to make sure that the seller has fixed the issues stated in the paperwork. Moreover, to help you sell or buy property at a profitable rate, you need an expert like Izabella Lipetski.

Here are some benefits of the final walk-through:


In a final walk-through, the home buyer has the advantage of looking around the house independently without the presence and pressure of the home seller. Then, a home buyer can check all around the home for issues with those needed fixtures.


One of the benefits is that the process of home selling or home buying is faster. This is due to the fulfillment of requirements. For example, when a home seller displays his/her home. Real estate agents like Izabella Lipetski bring them with potential home buyers. Upon the requirements of the home buyer, home sellers fix the issues and install the feature stated in the agreement. This is the first indication of requirement achievement. After that, in the final walk-through, when home buyer checks for the requirements he/she needs and are available. The home buyer secures the deal.


Sometimes, home sellers display their homes. They temporarily install some attractive features like a chandelier in the living hall, a double-sided stair rail for safety, bulbs, or some extra appliance to fill the home for appeal. This is where the final walk-through helps; when home buyers do the final check on the home, he/she can look out for these features if they are present or removed.


Most home exteriors cannot withstand heavy winds, rains, and even long exposure to sunlight. Maybe the last time the home buyer visited the home was recently after the home seller renovated and repainted the home. So, doing the final walk-through gives an advantage of checking the exterior paint and for any leakages in the roof and the condition, windows for any crack or leakage, or sometimes electrical components.


Mostly, home seller tends to repair things with a low-quality match. For example, a home seller repairs a leaking kitchen sink with a low-quality sink for a temporary fixture. On the spot, a home buyer might not be able to discover the issue. However, after some while, when the final walk-through is performed, the home buyer can look out for any leaks, damaged appliances, or unmatched repaired floor tile.

Hire an expert like Izabella Lipetski to help you perform the final walk-through effectively.


In conclusion, we have discussed the final walk-through and its benefits. Sometimes, it’s better to perform a final walk-through as it may help to discover issues that didn’t arise before. The final walk-through not only benefits home buyers but also home seller sells home as per the deal. Hire Izabella to help you sell or buy property faster and easier.


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