How much is my home worth? Find out with a FREE Comparable Market Analysis (CMA).


Why Izabella?


My aim is to make the sale of your home a quick, smooth and simple process. I’ve helped a wide range of people sell their homes for over 14 years and am fluent in English, Russian and Ukrainian. House selling can seem daunting but with my experience and support you can relax and rely on my expert knowledge to guide you through the process.


  • Position your house at the right price. With my understanding of the current market I can work with you to create a pricing strategy that will attract the right level of interest.
  • Make your sale heard. Through effective marketing strategies I can put your home in front of relevant buyers to find the right ones for your property.
  • Show your house in it’s best light. By suggesting small changes to layout and decor we can work together to highlight the best features of your home to potential buyers.
  • I can do the talking. I have helped negotiate numerous deals and worked with many different types of people to ensure everyone comes away smiling. 
  • You have the backing of Alain Pinel. Through our excellent team you can be assured of the best service and a solid reputation associated with your home sale.


I appreciate that selling your home can be a challenging process. Get in touch today and let me support you in making the best decisions for you. 

For Sellers

How much is my home worth?
This will help you determine the approximate value of your house in today's market.
Staging Your Home
How will your home make a really great first impression?

What's that smell?
Learn what real estate agents mean when they say "If I can smell it, I can't sell it."
Hiring a Real Estate Agent
You will not know every requirement for selling a home, most especially if this is your first time selling. Ask the expert.

I want to sell my own home.
This is not a time for mistakes. Find out what value a real estate agent adds in selling your home.
Home Inspection
A small amount of time that you spend now can give you a better deal for your home. Find out what the "Must Inspect" areas of your house are.

Foreclosure Risk
Have you missed your payments? Find out if you are at risk for foreclosure.
Your next home at your fingertips!
Are you also searching for your next home? See all available listings today.

Staging Your Home
What is that smell?
Hiring a Real Estate Agent
I want to sell my own home.
Home Inspection
Foreclosure Risk

Izabella Lipetski
Above and Beyond The Sale

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